Coffee table is a table that is usually placed in the living room to put coffee, tea or other drinks. But not only that, a coffee table can also be one of the attractions of your home decor. Designed with a variety of styles and shapes, this will be good for your living room.
You can also make decorations such as beautiful flower vases, tissue boxes, or other decorations that will surely beautify your home decor. With the design of a farm coffee table, it will add to the elegance of your home, and of course this is also easier to make. I have some unique examples of farmhouse coffee tables.

White Farmhouse Coffee Table

You can use white which is also adjusted to the theme of your room, this will add a good impression and also a good decoration for the house.

Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Space

Besides being elegant, this coffee table has storage space underneath. So that you can store various things there, for example storing favorite books, magazines and others.

Table Canada Coffe Square

Coffee table that is square and has its own uniqueness from Canada. You can add decorations such as flower vases to beautify coffee table decorations.